With counterfeiting and unauthorized distribution so rampant today and the damage it causes companies and their brand names, there is a ready market for companies that help mitigate these risks. Toppan Security Printing Pte. Ltd. in Singapore is one such company.

Not only does the company specialize in the printing of those documents that are most open to abuse using anti-counterfeiting techniques to foil forgers, but it also consults and advises on risk management techniques and ways to protect and preserve brand names. It produces customized solutions for clients and also devises stringent security controls for them.

Among other items, the company prints passports, visas, certificates, vouchers, stamps, security seals, bank labels, cheque books, bond certificates, lottery tickets, gaming products and travel documents. Toppan Security Printing constantly upgrades its skills through research and strives to keep abreast of latest developments in anti-forgery techniques.

Other divisions in the company employ their special skills honed in this niche area to offer publications & commercial printing and digital printing & data management.

Toppan Security Printing Pte. Ltd.

Toppan Gravity Limited
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